Fonts under virus

Fonts under virus

For a workshop "art créatif" at Stereolux (Nantes), I organized with Bérenger Recoules, a specific "processing and typo" experience. I, then, experimented an idea I had a long time ago, about some graphic virus that would attack fonts.



The availability, recent at this time, of the processing "fontastic" library, greatly facilitates the coding. I devised a processing sketch that gives the user the alility to choose a level of infection and a virus from the two available.

  1. a disc removing virus
  2. a disc adding virus

The processing library "geomerative" deals with the binary operations in glyphs and the infection level influences the number of discs added or removed.

The attacked font in the presented results is "FreeSans.ttf". The documents presented here after show effects of the infection on the wikipedia text definition of virus.

Use samples in pdf files :

Add virus

Sub virus

Download ttf files