Camera  placement and fast solver

Camera placement and fast solver

Hypertubes and reduction operators in constraint solving

The thesis of M. Christie (co-supervised with F. Benhamou) defended in 2003 was the occasion for a theoretical deepening on interval techniques.

We thus integrated the universal quantifier into the toolbox developed by the constrained laboratory team. This correct (proven) and efficient constraint solver works with contraction operators. This way of solving the system is much faster !

The from-at paradigm

The notion of hypertubes

The notion of hypertubes

The notion of hypertubes is introduced in the modeling of camera movements and in the resolution. It is a way to connect the elementary movements to each other by introducing binding constraints, on position, speed, angles, etc.

Attached frame

We also extended the specification language. Attached frames were added. This concept allows a restriction of the searches for a solution by specifying a reference mark corresponding to a moving object. For recent results, see Marc Christie’s page.